Blackwells Technicians

December 15, 2015


Blackwells technicians shine at ISUZU Technicians Guild Awards

Blackwell Motors heavy truck technicians’ skills have been proven once again in the recent Isuzu Technicians Guild Awards for 2015, with three of our technicians placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall.

Congratulations to David Heywood (1st place)  Gordon Houston (2nd) and Jonathan Ward who placed 3rd. Blackwell Motors mechanics also took out 8th & 9th places, winning Blackwells 5 of the top 10 places in the Guild Award of 2015, which is an outstanding result.

The ISUZU Trucks Technicians Guild has been running since 1988 with the aim of supplying service technicians with the most up to date Isuzu product and technical information. The program is an additional form of training based around the Isuzu product, service issues and related topics. You can read more about the format of the ISUZU Technicians Guild Award below.

Blackwell Motors has always been a proud supporter of the Isuzu Technicians Guild, as the program increases our ability to find the correct solutions, which saves our ISUZU customers time, hassle and money when they bring their truck to us for repair or servicing.


Isuzu Technicians Guild Award

The annual programme consists of a series of six web-based publications covering the various mechanical and accessory components of the Isuzu truck range sold in New Zealand
Three of the publications contain an online examination containing 15 questions which the technicians can complete in their own time.
The deciding component of the competition is a 50 question theory examination carried out under strict conditions.
This tests the technicians understanding of the publications they have received during the year. There are also three tie-breaker questions which are used should technicians achieve the same marks for the competition.