Electric Trucks

Blackwells Isuzu is the newly appointed South Island Electric Truck specialists.

We have partnered with the Australian based company SEA Electric Ltd to carry out EV conversions on Isuzu N-Series and F-Series trucks. Electric trucks mean producing no emissions and significantly reducing running costs. They're an exciting alternative as an around-town delivery truck or other means. The new partnership with SEA Electric Ltd allows us to work to provide high-quality electric parts for future aftersales support. We now also have the capabilities to support these conversions with EV-trained staff and on-site EV chargers that will soon be available for electric camper vans, heavy trucks plus other heavy & light commercial vehicles that are also a South Island first.



NZ's First 100% Electric Refrigerated Logistics Truck

Blackwells Isuzu is proud to announce that in partnership with Foodstuffs, EECA Energywise and Sea Electric we have converted a 24-tonne Isuzu FVY Truck into NZ's very first 100% electric refrigerated logistics truck.
It's currently in service in Wellington with a range of between 150-200km and capable of transporting 14 pallets of product at temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade.




NPR325 Truck - First 100% Electric Truck of South Island

The first fully-electric Isuzu truck in the South Island built by Blackwells Isuzu in conjunction with SEA Electric, ECCA and Foodstuffs/Trents.


FVY1400 Truck